You gotta love M&M’s. They have so much variety, it’s insane.

I was just visiting my best friend Debbie in Washington DC, and met up with Dale after two months of not seeing each other. It was super awesome, but a supercharged weekend with parties, tourism, unmentionables and of course… FOOOOD!! 


We had to stop by Sprinkles of course, probably the best cupcakes cupcakes I have ever tried in my life. I appologize for the lack of pictures, my cupcakes fell while inside the box so they got really fucked, but here’s a very enticing pic from the Phoenix New Times of their Red Velvet (their most famous cupcake, YUM!!).

That one is heaven, had it the last time I went to DC with my parents in 2012; however, this time Dale and I got the vanilla-chocolate as well as the salted caramel. Vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing is very classic, but always a good choice (specially if your boyfriend is a picky eater and not too open to “exotic” flavours). The cupcake was fluffy, the icing was perfectly sugary, with an amazing texture.

The Salty Caramel cupcake exceeded my expectations ohmygaaaaaad!!! That picture isn’t mine either (I really really do appologize for no original pics, but here’s what was left of mine:)

Of course it didn’t affect the taste, but it just doesn’t do this little sugary cloud any visual justice. I literally licked the cardboard box clean after they fell nom nom nom. 

HOWEVER!!!!! As you noticed, the title isn’t “Sprinkles” but “M&M&M&M’s”. We went into a couple of CVS looking for my Carmex hand lotion (I think they stopped making them, couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, fuuuuuck!!). I was so sad that Dale bought me fooouuur M&M bags!!! Peanut Butter (red bag), Crispy (bright green bag), Birthday Cake (big disappointment and light blue bag) and Dark Chocolate Peanut (purple bag).


Very creamy peanut buttery filling, mixes perfectly with the crunchy outer layer.


Lawdy Lawd. My favourite M&M’s evaaaa!! Crunchy crunch crunch, cookie filled chocolate candy, what else could you ask for?


I was expecting CAKE, not cake PROPS. Huge disappointment, like plain old M&M’s but bigger and sweeter (TOO sweet). 


Last but not least, my second favourites. As you know, I’ve become more and more of a dark chocolate fan so these were an awesome discovery. Sugary colour on the outside, dark chocolate middle layer and crunchy peanut inside: awesome combination.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you run into these, try them all and let me know which one is your favourite!! 

Chocolaty kisses 

PS More DC pics in case you’re interested! 




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