Chocolate in Toronto

So I haven’t written in a while because I moved from Madrid back to Mexico City (my hometown) and then to Toronto with my boyfriend. I’ve been pretty busy sending my CV out like crazy, getting to know the city and enjoying couple life.

This weekend we went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), a fair with rides and games that reminded me of Staten Island. I actually had a lot more fun than I expected, even though it was fuuuull of little kids. There were a bunch of food places at the Food Building, such as perogies, gyros, ice cream, pizza and hamburgers, tacos, Chinese and Thai food. The best part about the food though, was the NUTELLA FOOD TRUCK!!!!!!

Yes, you heard correctly… NUTELLA.FOOD.TRUCK. It was FREE. The long ass 30 minute line was so worth it. 

While you waited in line, you got coupons for every time you but Nutella, temporary tattoos of “I ❤️ Nutella”, and a Nutella frisbee! 

You got to choose between a waffle and fruit (bananas and strawberries). Of course…. I chose the waffle! If it was me making the treat, I would’ve put A LOT more Nutella on it, but hey, it was free so it was great! 

The truck is touring around Canada, but hopefully other countries will adopt this amazingly delicious idea.

Chocolaty kisses everyone!


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