These are my last days in Madrid before I go back to Mexico for a month to visit my parents, my girls (Lola and Abby, my doggies), my friends and family before I move over to Toronto with Dale!!! So I’ve been eating as much as I can while I’m here before I go back home and start hitting the gym again as well as dieting.

I went to this amazing little cookie shop in the neighbourhood of Malasaña called Afri’s Cookies

It is Afri herself at the counter attending customers, she’s super nice, and an AMAZING baker. 

Every day, they have a special cookie, as well as “the cookie of the month”. She also has tea and coffee, online ordering (unfortunately, only within the community of Madrid) and mugs. 

These are some of the flavours of her amazing, soft, chewy, rich and completely natural cookies: White chocolate and raspberry

 Heart of Nutella

  Orange chocolate

  Pink Panther (which is like a pink chocolate covered Spanish Twinky)

  Kinder chocolate

  Milk chocolate with pecans

  White chocolate

  Chocolate chips


  Heart of dulce de leche


I’m not very big on fruits in my pastries, I usually go for flavours that mix well with a class of cold milk.


Here you can see clock wise, starting from the dark cookie: brownie, then carrot with cream cheese frosting, and Kinder chocolate. The brownie was amazing, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, with pecans that give it a different nutty texture; the carrot actually tasted like a fluffy carrot cake, and the icing was perfectly creamy and sugary; finally, the Kinder chocolate was a delicious mix of the milky chocolate and the chewy cookie.

In here, starting from the top left corner you’ll see double chocolate, to the right heart of dulce de leche, below that one heart of Nutella and finally chocolate with yogurt, the cookie of the day. The double chocolate was super good, but nothing memorable; the dulce de leche was, as dulce de leche always is, a creamy delight (I suggest getting a good bite of cookie and ddl at the same time, as if the ddl was a spread on the cookie); the heart of Nutella well, just wih the name, ’nuff said; and as for the yogurt with chocolate, I was doubtful at first but in the end DEFINITELY a great choice, sour and sweet.

Here’s a pic of the heart of Nutella, to get you drooling just in case your cellphone isn’t already drenched.

If you’re ever in Madrid, do go to Afri’s Cookies, just don’t forget to check her Twitter for the cookie of the day; TAKE CASH!! They don’t accept any type of card, just cash. Around there, you’ll also find Greek & Shop, a great gyro place, lots of bars, and a lot of good yet hipster-y places. 

Chocolaty kisses!!




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