Sorry for the chocolaty absence

I was just in Budapest and let’s just say I decided to enjoy the city and catch up with you guys as soon as I got back. That’s me eating a gyro as soon as I was done checking into my hostel (Avenue Hostel, super cool place, close to everything, very friendly staff, 34€ for two nights). The city is beautiful, the people are (usually) friendly, and they sure know how to bake. I must admit I never tried a goulag, since I’m not a very meaty person and it didn’t sound too enticing, just like the venison or the rabbit (fuck that, I’m not eating Bambi or Bugs Bunny). 

On most of the things I ate I wasn’t very sure about what they were, but I always made sure they had chocolate in them! 


 Chez Dodo is a bakery specialized in macaroons, one of my biggest addictions. They had pistacchio, chocolate, salty caramel, rose and lemon aaaand… Other yummy stuff, lol. I saved to share with Dale (my boyfriend, for those of you who haven’t read my bio) so I still don’t know what they taste like, I’m going crazyyy!! 

These are from the Cake Shop, a yummy little bakery. Prettier than yummier actually. I bought a double chocolate cupcake filled with a fruity jelly, but I’ve definitely had better. The icing tasted horribly, like a plastic pink blob on top of an okay cupcake. 

These are from the Central Market. The marcipans on top are supposedly famous in Hungary, but these were stale and hard; however, the nutty macarron with what I think was fig covered in chocolate as well as the chocolate cake were de-li-cious!!!! The cake was fluffy, the icing was PERFECTLY sugary and buttery, melted on your fingers. 





 Milka is my all time favourite brand of affordable chocolate. In a shopping mall while looking for a tattoo parlor, I found a little Milka kiosk and went a little crazy. The Raspberry Cream was heavenly, definitely my favourite; the ChoqSplash was far below my expectations; the Wafelini was so good, crunchy and creamy at the same time. The praline is for Dale and the Dark Chocolate I haven’t had yet.

All in all, Budapest is an AMAZING city. Incredible architecture, the “beauty and the beast”, as they call them, are the mix of fancy 19th and early 20th century buildings with socialist blocs of concrete. The bridge are beautiful, gorgeous people, a city no one should miss.


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