Cupcake Tour in Madrid

A cup sized cake with extra icing on top? Yes please!!

Last Monday I had my final exam to get my postgrad on Digital Marketing, so on the weekend I decided to treat myself to the top 5 cupcakeries, according to Juan Rodríguez’s post. Definitely a good idea. 

First we started at Celicioso, a bakery that specializes in gluten free pastries. I have to admit it, if the name didn’t give it away (“delicioso” which is “delicious” in Spanish, and “celiac” mixed together, witty eh?) I would’ve never guessed they didn’t use gluten. 


I got me a banana bread with vanilla icing, while my friend got white chocoate and rasperry. 

They were sooo good, spongy, perfect icing, you could taste the real banana in the mix and the vanilla in the icing.

The second stop was La Cocina de mi Vecina (My Neighbour’s Kitchen), a small cake shop in the neighbourhood of Malasaña in Madrid. Not a whole lot of variety… Actually, no variety at all, just two types of cupcakes (dulce de leche and Oreo), brownies and cookies. I got a brownie and an Oreo cupcake:


The brownie was marvelous, covered with a deliciously nutty chocolate ganache and nuts in the dough. However, the cupcake was a HUGE disappointment. The cake itself was dry, clearly a few days old, the icing was too buttery, almost no flavour in it. Sadly, the only good part about the cupcake was the Oreo cookie.

     The next bakery was Happy Day, which I’ve mentioned in an earlier post. This time I went to the Malasaña shop, with very pretty and enticing decorations, bagels, hot dogs, smoothies, coffee and tea.

I got Coca Cola

Banana with milk chocolate

Dulce de leche  
And chocolate with vanilla

The Coca Cola was much tastier than I expected, the texture of the cupcake was exactly how a cupcake is meant to be: light and soft, as well as the icing, sugary, fluffy and perfectly whipped.

The banana dough wasn’t as good as the first one from Celucioso, but the icing was very banany and sweet; I loved the chocolate covered ball cookie, gave it a very different and crunchy texture.

The dulce de leche wasn’t icing, but actual dulce de leche. Cake and that Argentinean sweet are always a safe bet, but a glass of milk would have made it perfect.

Finally, the chocolate vanilla was a delicious ying yang of milk chocolate and light vanilla. The white chocolate covered cookie, again, was a great mix of fluffy and crunchy.

The last stop (since we couldn’t find Oh My Cup), was Cream Bakery, the fanciest of them all. Behind the busy and crowded street of La Castellana, Cream Bakery is a small and classy little bakery specialized in cake and decoration. 

I took home the carrot cake with cream cheese   

And  red velvet with vanilla icing:


I loved the size of these cupcakes. I am very meticulous when it comes to eating and however much I love to eat, I don’t like to stuff my mouth with food. I always end up cutting the cake in half, eat that lonely little fluffy fluff first, and then the other half with icing. The pumpkin cupcake was perfectly perfect, in size, in flavour and in decoration. The red velvet was a bit thicker, as you can see in the picture, but the texture was a chocolaty red cloud of absorbent cake with a calorifically delicious icing. 

These are my last weeks in Madrid, I’m going back to my chaotic Mexico City and in mid July with Dale. New chocolaty places to come!!

Hope you guys enjoy, chocolaty kisses!! 


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