I was born in Mexico, my dad is Mexican and my mom Argentinean. 

I lived in the US from when I was 8 to 12 (St. Louis, MO) where I met my boyfriend Dale, whom I’m moving in with around his birthday in July. 


 I live in Madrid and he lives in Toronto, I’m moving over there due to the current social situation in Mexico and the economic situation here in Spain. I have two girl doggies, Abby and Lola and they are my babies, they are the cutest dogs in the world!!   


  I majored in Art History and I’m currently doing a masters on Marketing and Communication. I love chocolate, it makes me happy (and fat), I wish it really was a vegetable… I’ve come to like dark chocolate, but my favourite is milk chocolate. Did I mention I like chocolate?

BTW if you ever need me:

Twitter LizzyFerZarra

Facebook Liz Fern├índez
Instagram LizzyFerZarra

Pinterest LizFerZarra


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