So about that diet…

Sorry I haven’t been back in a while, I got my tongue web and upper lip frenulum pierced and haven’t really been able to eat much lately. In case you’re interested in seeing what it looks like, here’s a pic of them two:

Upper one didn’t hurt at all, lower one hurt a little more.

But anyway, I went to this store called Tiger (Danish variety store, awesome, I LOVE it!! Totally addicted) for a few things for my apartment and I ran into these yummy rice cakes covered in dark chocolate. 

  Since I can already fit into a pair of jeans I couldn’t fit into a month ago, I have decided to start dieting, but as you all know… I’m addicted to chocolate lol, so I’m not giving that up. If you want to be able to keep eating yummy and loose a few pounds, I recommend these rice cakes, or anything with dark chocolate to make your sweet tooth calm down when you have the urge to eat sweets. 

I also bought a bar of 85% dark chocolate there, and it is definitely calming down my sweet tooth.

If you’re in Europe, I’m sure theres a Tiger store close to you; if not, I think you can order stuff from them through Amazon.

Meanwhile, I’ll let you guys keep searching for more chocolaty treats on the web, and I’ll go finish watching Eyes Wide Shut before I go to bed (weird movie, not sure I like it very much). 


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