Oreo + butter, milk, flour, eggs and sugar = ?

Lawdy Lawd, if you’re a fan of cupcakes you’re gonna drool like a Pavlov doggy with what I am about to tell you. I’ve been trying to diet, but since I got super sick (and apparently developed allergies, yay) then I said “fuck the diet, I need comfort food.” I walked out of my house, decided to go to the Retiro Park here in Madrid, but ran into a completely flooded Segovia bridge so I had to change plans.  


I ran into my friend Ana and her boyfriend, who were looking for a place to eat. On our way to lunch, they went for Taco Bell while I being the very proud Mexican that I am……….. Did NOT refuse it, but instead got the cheapest beef quesadillas and chilli fries, yes I’m sorry, I will go to Mexican hell for that one. BUT!! Before that, I had to get something at Corte Inglés on Preciado Street, and discovered this tiny corner store called Happy Day with A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cupcakes. I asked for the Oreo one (drooool) and a dulce de leche.  


The Oreo cupcake was perfection (Chandler reference, anyone?). The icing was fluffy like a cloud, with the perfect amount of sugar and butter; the cupcake itself was spongy and delicious. Together they made the perfect cupcake couple. 

If you have the chance, check out their website, and if you come to Madrid, you should definitely go to one of their cafes. Hope I made you drool just the right amount to look them up, so worth it.

Tomorrow’s Monday again, damn Mondays. So I’ll be getting back to my diet, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t have a few slips every now and then, right?


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